vrijdag 15 februari 2013

Some disorder news

Beyond all borders, long live the revolt – As an echo to the multiple movements of revolt in Egypt against the new power, for freedom and the end of all exploitation, the residence of the Egyptian ambassador, Fatma El Zahraa Ottman, in Brussels was attacked by unknown persons. During the night, the attackers broke the windows, threw paint on the building and started a fire in front of it, escaping before the arrival of the police. The ambassador, the representation of Egyptian power in Belgium, was at home during the attack. 

State Security worries… - The State Security approached a person, proposing him to become a snitch and give information about the activities of the anarchist movement in Brussels. The person refused. But it seems the State Security is, among other things, worried about the arsons against cars belonging to eurocrats and personnel of the NATO in Brussels, which by the way can be recognised by their number plate, starting with “EUR” or the number “8″.

The shadows of revolt – In Anderlecht, an area of Brussels, the sabotage and destruction of electrical implants alimenting the public lightning are spreading like a fleck of oil. It might seem small, but in fact, it’s an important aspect of the society of control. It’s a good angle by the way to attack the electrical grid everywhere, since it is this grid, with its cables, implants and transformers which aliment the system, its factories of death, its instruments of control, its temples of consumption…

And bang! – Unknown persons exploded two big firecrackers against the windows of the police station in Droixhe (Liège). The explosion broke the windows and gave the policemen inside the building a moment of fear… This attack happened a few days after the Brussels’ police shot Yacine, who is still in a coma.

Incidents & sabotages – Voluntary or not, the press doesn’t specify, but anyway, several areas of Brussels remained more than a day without Internet, television and telephone just before New Years’ Eve. The dependance of technology and the flux of informations got disturbed for a moment.

Bravo! – In Brussels, the offices of the organisation for prevention and security “Bravvo” were destroyed by a criminal arson. Bravvo manages the prevention services, participates in the security mania (for example by giving out money to those who install video-surveillance in their shops or houses) and is responsible for the “administrative fines” to punish “anti-social behavior”.

Five prison guards K.O. – A prisoner in Saint-Gilles (Brussels) managed to send five guards to the hospital. When they escorted him to the disciplinary commission, the prisoner attacked them. Fists in the faces of all those who lock up other persons!

Let’s attack capital in its vehicles – On several places in Brussels, Charleroi and Liège, trucks and vans belonging to different companies were put on fire. It’s in fact a quite easy way to damage the capitalists and the functioning of the daily exploitation: find their vehicles and put them out of use.

Translation of "Brèves du désordre 32", Hors Service 32, January 15th, 2013.


Disturbing fires - Apparently, some persons were not pressed to get to work. Over two weeks several arsons disturbed the metro-network in Brussels. Next to the South Station, a fire destroyed a technical implant. In Anderlecht and Laeken, fires on the tracks sabotaged the traffic. Let’s live this liberated time in an nice way.

Fire to the prison – In front of the prison of Andenne, tires were put on fire around 9 ‘o clock in the evening on the rail track along the prison wall. “Freedom” and “Long live revolt” were screamed, next there were fireworks. The train traffic was disturbed, total chaos for the prison guards and the police. Police came massively to the prison and stayed several hours to prevent any movement of revolt.

Solidarious sabotage – In Bruxelles, machines were sabotages on the construction site of Eurovia in solidarity with the individuals in struggle against the construction of a new airport next to Nantes (France). Eurovia is a part of the Vinci group who wants to construct this new airport. In several places in France and elsewhere, attacks, sabotages and actions took place against the future constructors or partisans of this monstrous project.

A grid out of use – During the night, a building of Belgacom (Belgian telecommunications company) in Ghent was put on fire. The damage is big. A spokesperson of Belgacom explains: “The damages of this criminal arson to our building are enormous. The wing of the technicians, with a lots of computers and offices, has been almost entirely destroyed. All material was burned.” Several vehicles of Belgacom, parked next to the building, were also destroyed. Telephone and Internet was disturbed in a part of Ghent, and the data-network of the banks and the ATM’s was out of service for several days due to this attack.

Translation of "Brèves du désordre 31", Hors Service 31, December 26th, 2012


“There was a police station… and now it’s not there anymore” - Early in the morning, unknown persons broke the windows of a police station in Hasselt and put fire to it. The arson destroyed a part of the building. Once more, a small attack like this one shows the vulnerability of the police. It’s just a matter of choosing the right moment and the right place to attack the protectors of the State.

Revolt in the detention centre - Clandestine persons locked up in the deportation camp of Bruges revolted: they barricaded the “living space”, ravaged it and then fought for several hours with the anti-riot police. Later, a fire erupted, but firemen unluckily quickly put it out. Solidarity with those who revolt against imprisonment; may no revolt stay isolated inside a detention centre, a prison, a school, a neighbourhood.

Fire to the temples of consumption
– A criminal arson damaged the buildings of a shopping mall next to Antwerp. Construction works were going on there, and the fire was put to the construction material.

No party for yuppies – The new, very fancy disco K-Nal, installed next to the canal in Brussels, is clearly not appreciated by everyone in this area where the refusal of State order is alive. The opening of this fancy project of gentrification clashed with some incendiaries. The arson destroyed a mayor part of the disco.

Translation of "Brèves du désordre 30", Hors Service 30, December 7th, 2012.
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