zaterdag 6 april 2013

Disorder news 34

Flaming Bank – A few days before the workers’ demo against austerity and crisis, unknown persons put fire to a bank agency of BNP Paribas in Schaerbeek (Brussels) around 23h with the help of Molotov cocktails. There will for sure be nobody to whine about the faith of a bank that went up in flames. The wheels of the capitalistic machine are vulnerable.

Mistercash no more – A few days after the demo against austerity, in the metrostation Yser in Brussels, unknown persons exploded an ATM with the help of a hand grenade. The best thing to do with all those machines which vomit that what this world respects the most, the money, is to plunder or destroy them. Or both, if possible.

A company targeted – During the night, three cars and a truck belonging to the same company were burned in Gilly (Charleroi). The vehicles were totally wrecked. The name of the targeted company was not specified by the media, but we haven’t got the slightest doubt that somebody had more than good reasons to attack a wheel of Capital.

The daily routine – Early in the morning, a train stationed in Ath was attacked and damaged. Windows broken and the cockpit of the train driver ravaged. Vengeance for a ticket control or a controller who denounced an immigrant without papers to the cops? Not feeling like going to work in the morning? A simple act to fuck up the infernal daily routine of sleeping-metro-working? We couldn’t say, but no reasons lacking to attack the circulation of persons-merchandises. By the way, on the railroad line between Geraardsbergen and Brussels, a signalisation cabin recently went up in flames… causing chaos for several weeks now on this high frequented line.

Bye bye big screen – In Ixelles (Brussels), the city authorities of Bruxelles installed an enormous screen, vomiting 24h/24 publicity for the City of Bruxelles, the advantages of Bruxelles for eurocrats and representatives of companies, diplomats and their whole disgusting cast. Recently, we learned with joy that this horrid screen was once again targeted by handy launchers of paint bombs.

Bye bye publicity – Some statistics: these last six months, 600 publicity panels of Clearchannel were destroyed in Bruxelles. It seems there’s a record there, because, Clearchannel states, in general the company counts for about 100 panels a year to be replaced. Also in another Belgian city, La Louvière, this salutary sport is raging through the city. Well, drop the calculations and let’s destroy the publicity of capital and power everywhere.

All the best! – Seven prisoners without legal documents escaped from the detention centre of Merksplas where they were locked up waiting for their deportation. Courage and all the best to the escapees; fire and flames for detention centres and prisons.

Translation of "Brèves du désordre 34", Hors Service 34, March 5th, 2013